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    Posting a LifeCycle Form on a Web Site


      I am new to using Adobe Lifecycle forms, so I apologize if this is too basic a question. I've watched all the tutorial videos and read the help sections and can't find an answer to my simple questions below.


      I have created a form using Designer ES (and Acrobat Pro 9.0), and I want to post this form on a web site.  I want to collect returned responses via adobe.com.


      I published the form (by using the "Distribute Form... command", choosing the option to collect on adobe.com, and sending it via email to myself as the only emailed recipient).  I set it so that I will accept responses from anyone who happens onto the form's URL.  I then uploaded the PDF questionnaire to the web site.


      However, when I then test this by going to the web site and downloading the PDF from there, I see the form, and it allows me to fill it in, but there is no information about how the person doing that is then supposed to submit the questionnaire when done.


      I did not know which submit buttons to put on the form, so right now there aren't any.  There are buttons in Designer for "Email Submit", and "HTTP Submit".  I didn't think I wanted the Email Submit button, and didn't know how to use the HTTP Submit button (which asks for a URL to submit to, and I don't know what that URL is).


      In addition... I understand that these people who download the PDF form from the web site are supposed to be able to use Adobe Reader to fill out the questionnaire and submit it to adobe.com.  However, when I download the form from the web site URL, it appears within MS Internet Explorer's window, and doesn't seem to launch Adobe Reader (unless it's hiding within MSIE or something).  I don't know if that's a problem or not if Adobe Reader is not being used to read the PDF.


      So, to do what I want here, what do I need to do that I haven't done yet?  Which "Submit" button do I use? Will the way I'm doing this even work... i.e., having people download the PDF from the web site, fill it in, and then submit it?  None of the tutorial examples seem to describe this; in every case, the file is being emailed to a recipient, not posted on a web site for downloading, so I'm wondering if what I'm doing here even works.


      Again, I apologize if this is too basic a question.



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          OK, I realize now that I need to upload to the web site the version of the PDF with the word "_distributed" appended to the file name, not the original PDF file.  When I do that, it now gives info at the top about how to submit the form.


          So my only question, I think, is what kind of submit button to place on the form itself.


          I see there is another kind of button I can place on the page, just a plain "Button".  Within its Object Palette, I see a setting called "Control Type", with choices of "Regular", "Execute", and "Submit".


          If I choose "Submit", it asks "Submit to URL...", so that isn't what I want.  "Execute" also asks for some info that I don't have.  So do I just choose "Regular" for this button?  If a user clicks that, does the data get submitted to adobe.com and the responses file?