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    How apply a background pattern fill that can then be properly tiled in Dreamweaver....help!


      I'm doing a web page layout that someone else is going to slice and input into dreamweaver. He wants to be able to tile the background image (in dreamweaver)  which is just a diamond pattern. When I created the background layer I filled it with the diamond pattern. Horizontally and vertically if I were to tile this, it will not line up. What is the easiest way to fix this? Ican't figure out how to do this short of dividing the size of my individual pattern swatch by the height and width of my art board. Sorry this is kind of hard to explain. Basically if I were to copy my art board and try and put in beside itself the diamond pattern would not butt up correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have attached the file to try and explain it better. I am fairly new to Illustartor (CS4) and it's probably something simple ..... but I have no idea what it is. Also I'm working on a mac if that makes any difference.


      Thanks soooo much for any help!