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    swf files lag in displaying

    More2Do Level 1



      I have several swf files embedded in my website, but they don't display immediately in the browser. The rest of the page (html) displays without delay, but there's always about a 1 or 2 second lag for the swf. Is there a way to optimize the swf files so they load immediately along with the rest of the page?



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          waterdad568 Level 3

          Depends on how large the files are and the intended connection speed. A swf file in general is usually as web friendly as your going to get for the RIA content it produces, so what you might need to do is use a preloader for the swf's. Preloaders main purpose is to hold a users attention and reduce the stress you currently feel while the swf loads.

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            vttoltal Level 2



            Yes, if the flash files are taking long to load it is meaning that they are of large size. Also, it may also vary on the internet connection and the video card settings(which I don't think you would have a problem with).


            In order to have a better understanding of your problem please tell me how large are your animations. Are they just banners? What are their sizes. If you can just post the link to experience it for myself and see what I can do to help. Are there any other large objects that need to load in the website?



            Hope this helps,



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              More2Do Level 1

              Vincente, thanks for your reply. The swf files average 36KB, but the

              home page swf is 74KB. The delay is very short, but noticeable. I

              optimized all of the images within the swf  to a medium quality of 30.

              Once the swf has played for the first time, it's cached by the browser

              and is no longer an issue. None of the swf files have preloaders, which

              I try to avoid.





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                Harry Kunz Level 4

                @waterdad568 is right. If you avoid using preloaders then you just can't make it appear without a delay unless your file size is about 1-4KB in size. There needs to be time for downloading the swf. You are better off with preloaders or don't use flash at all.