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    Multiple Movie Button - Need Help!!!! PLEASE!!!!!


      To any and all. I'm working on a website and I'm having some serious issues that are really making my life miserable. If any can "PLEASE" help with this it would be "GREATLY APPRECIATED".


      Issue 1: When you open up the site and you navigate to the VIP page, on the lower left hand side their is a gray box with 4 different VIP services i.e.: Hotel, Limo, Jets and Helicopters.  


      The VIP services are nested in a Movie Clip. All of the VIP descriptions of services are nested in another movie clip to the right hand side. We need the link code to access the second frame of the movie clip on the right-hand side, this will give us access to all the content for each category. Once we get the code that for one that works we can get the rest to work.



      Issue 2: In the EVENTS section. I'm having trouble integrating the calendar we have, into the events section and it working properly. The main issue were having is making calendar fit in the whole space where the mock calendar is now and the description where the flyer is. So in other words the calendar we have now will take up all the space in that section and we won’t need to have a special description on the side like it is now, it will be incorporated in the calendar. I hope that makes sense. J 



      Issue 3: The MODEL GALLERY section, ok so here is the deal with that. We have a gallery that we would like to use but are having a hell of a time integrating it into the same area as the calendar in the events section. It has the original Photo Gallry, but with all the pictures that we need to put into the model galleries it’s just not feasible to edit every single picture and add all the rollover and coding effects. It’s better if I used flash gallery with XML access for all the pictures. This way I can do batches of pictures at one time. So my question is, is it possible to make the existing gallery of pictures populated and work off XML and if so How and what's the coding for that????????



      If anyone can help it would really be apprecated!!