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    is SWF cached on server?

    Harry Kunz Level 4

      Sorry i think this is a little off flash but i don't know where else i can ask this and i'm sort of sure that some people may have an immediate answer to this. I have recently uploaded a new SWF file on my website at http://www.skinzoneskincare.com/ but it still is using the old SWF which i deleted that says "site under construction". I tried using Google Chrome and Firefox but they all display the old SWF even after i cleared the cache several times. Does the server cache SWF files? Why would the old SWF still exist despite deletion of cache?

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          No, the server does not cache files. I see a non-"under construction" swf at that link.


          When you cleared the cache, did you delete temporary files?  The various modern browsers give you multiple options when clearing browsing history.  Simply clearing cookies, and the history doesn't get rid of the cache.  You need to delete the temporary files as well. Also, make sure you close and re-open the browser after clearing the cache, otherwise the cached SWF might not be gone.

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            Harry Kunz Level 4

            Yeah i did that too, i ticked all checkboxes in Google Chrome's Clear Browsing Data under Options which includes Empty the Cache and exited the browser but the problem persisted so i tried renaming the SWF file on the server and it solved the problem. The next time i'll just rename since clearing cache does not work all the times.

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              RossRitchey Level 4

              Yeah, the best method is to rename the file.  That will force it out there regardless.


              But, if you are ever tied down to the file name (can't update the HTML) for any reason - then I would look into forcing the file not to cache.  You can look into setting Expires Headers for all objects on your page (server-settings) - or, if you don't have access to the server - you can simply append a random var to the end of the file name in the object call.  The current date in milliseconds usually works wonders:


              var d = new Date();

              var r = d.getTime();


              ||FLASH OBJECT|| - path/to/swf.swf?a=r;


              This way, the current date will be appended to the filename every time, making it look - to the browser - like a new file name.  Then you can keep the filenames the same, and never worry about cache-ing.

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                Harry Kunz Level 4

                Okay. Thanks you.