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    Adobe Products not working as promised

    Ed Laury Level 1

      I have a brand new computer


      Windows7 64bit

      6g RAM

      nvidia video card

      CS4 production Premium


      I am working on a documentary about pop culture. I shot it in AVCHD but I am using muliple formats as examples in the project. When I inport to encore the encode fails every time. The project will not import to Media Encoder and in the off chance it does import, the encode fails. I can't import raw footage to encoder without it failing. After using premiere, the program crashes all the time after just a few edits. If  I can't make a file or a DVD what good is the program? I tried reinstalling all the drivers and the program multiple times. The clips in the program turn green right before the crash.



      I have always used adobe products but I am getting so frustrated that I'm getting ready to move to Avid or Final Cut.