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    Flash Builder Beta 2: Installer Prob on iMac (Leopard)

    bryn51 Level 1

      Today I resolved to check that Flash Builder and CF Builder can install together on my iMac


      I downloaded the latest beta from the adobe labs site which were CF Builder Beta 4 and Flash Builder Beta 2.


      The target PC is a fairly (3 month) new iMac which runs an up to date instance version of OS/x snow leopard.


      I installed CF Builder beta (latest) by itself (no pre-existing Eclipse) and found that the installer worked fine, and it resulted in a working copy that appeared to function as it should.


      I tried the same thing with Flash Builder Beta 2 installer, but I received an error dialog during installation that says:

      "The installer requires that you close your browsers before continuing, because they are using system files that must be updated"  "Flash builder cannot function properly if these files are not updated".


      I made several attempts to  install flash builder both as stand-alone and as a plugin.  I also tried removal of CF Builder.


      Now I don't see loads of people complaining about this bug, also the gentlemen from Adobe that visited Perth today and demonstrated Flash Builder and CF Builder working on a Mac Laptop did not seem to be having any trouble, as I saw both editors working (and this was the reason I decided to try it at home).


      I'm an highly experienced developer but iMac is a new environment to me, and I find myself lacking familiarity.

      So I assume that this problem is some issue with my PC, so I'd appreciate some help sorting it out.


      Thanks in advance,

      - Bryn -