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    Transcoding MJpeg for use in PE7

    rtprtp Level 1

      Hello Friends,


      I need to edit MJpeg in PE7. Thanks to Hunt, I contacted MainConcept regarding purchasing their mjpeg codec, and below is the response I got:


      "Thank you for your request, unfortunately I must tell you that we do not offer any product for Premiere Elements, sorry.

      The motion jpeg codec which we offer is a direct showfilter for applications which can handle it, but for premiere it is not usable.


      In your case I would like to advise you to trans code themjpeg footage into a handleable format like mpeg. Which you can edit inPremiere elements."


      Could someone please explain what the workflow would be to take in the MJpeg footage (from my client) and "Transcode" it to edit in PE7. I am unfamiliar with transcoding.


      Thanks in advance! Stan