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    2 Customers / 2 Problems

      Hi there,

      I´ve got problems considering Contribute 3.

      The first problem I need a solution for is the following.
      I created a website for one of our customers - he wants to edit the site himself, so my boss suggested contribute.
      I integrated an editable Region into the site and tried to edit it with Contribute - Worked.
      Then I installed the Contributeversion that i had purchased for my customer.
      You can choose the website and fill in the FTP details, but it wont build up a connection. At first i thought the customers security settings would not permit the FTP connection. So i tried out a FTP-client. The upload/download was no problem.
      I tried setting the proxy and port - still no luck.
      I really hope that anyone can help me with some suggestions.

      My second problem.
      is the following error message when I try to connect to a server I was able to connect to some days ago via Contribute. I did not change the settings but suddenly it tells me the following:
      Contribute hat die Verbindung zu dieser Webseite unterbrochen, da ein unbekannter Fehler aufgetreten ist. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie beim Administrator der webseite.
      Translated: Contribute has disconnected from this website, because it encountered an unknown error. You ´ll get further Information from the webmaster....
      As I AM the webmaster in this case that error message is quite interesting.
      would be very thankful 4 any kind of help.

      greets Sven

      EDIT: Fixed the second Problem by deleting the mm folder on the server...