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    nVidia CUDA and Adobe demo--2/4/10

    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

      Here is a new article on CUDA and Mercury Playback and Editing Engine from a February 4, CUDA conference.


      "Adobe: Adobe supports CUDA inside of its Mercury playback and editing engine, the heart of its Adobe Premiere Pro software, due for a refresh via its Creative Suite of products most likely within a month or two. (Karl Lee Soule, a evangelist for the company, declined to disclose exactly when.) In a demonstration of a dual-chip Opteron system (with six cores per each chip) plus a pair of Nvidia Quadro CX cards, playing back and compositing five separate streams of video (including 4K video) and a number of filters, the system wasn't pushed past the 30-percent utilization mark. According to Soule, removing the CUDA chip would instantly cause all 12 cores to max out.


      The Mercury engine wasn't designed for CUDA from the ground up, although it will be native 64-bit code, Soule said."