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    Rendering H.264 Quicktime from Premiere CS3


      For  a cliënt I have to make a H.264 file in Quicktime that is meant for a website www.leraar24.nl


      Since people before me used to deliver using FinalCutPro they made a short tutorial of the exact settings used in FCPro. Now I have to translate those settings to my setup: Premiere CS3 on Windows. I'd like to have your opinion on what settings I should use. Here's what they give up for FCPro:


      Video settings:

      Compression type: H.264

      Frame rate: current

      Key frames: automatic, vink frame recording (I think someone misread this  'cause the only the choice in FCP is  frame reordering)

      Data rate: automatic


      Quality: high

      Compressor: best quality

      Video size: 512x288. vink deinterlace source video

      Sound settings:


      Stereo (L R)

      48.000 Hz

      best quality


      Streaming moede: Hinted streaming (prepare for internet streaming)


      I thought this should match the following in Premiere CS3:


      Format: H.264

      Range: Work Area

      Preset: Custom


      Basic Video Settings:


      TV Standard: PAL (it's the Netherlands)

      Frame Width: 512

      Frame Height: 288

      Frame rate: 25

      Field Order: None (Progressive)

      Pixel aspect ratio: Widescreen 16:9

      Profile: High\

      Level: 5.1


      (I have a jpg attached with the settings I used execpt I chose 25 frames instead of 50 frames)


      But  apparantly I was wrong 'cause the reported me that they don't want .mp4 but they want .mov instead. They only othter option for me is to export it to DV 25 .mov and then export it from Quikctime Pro which gives me the exact parameters as they gave for FinalCutPro. But then it doesn't look as good as when I export direct from Premiere.

      Does anyone have a better idea?



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          I use CS3 with windows but don't know anything about PAL standards...


          You can use the settings ( or close to these settings ) below and get a good mov file....you have to adjust to your own frame height, width ...


          I just tested and got about a 1.5 minute clip into a 3meg mov file...and it looks good...note: mov is wrapper with the h264 mpg codec


          screen1 copy.jpg



          screen2 copy.jpg


          Good luck



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            My brain is fried ...I've been installing so many new programs and learning new stuff I can't remember everything...


            I THINK I bought this plug in from APPLE to use with CS3 and Quicktime pro.... ???  Sooo, if you don't have a quicktime option for export then it's this plug in....and it cost about $20-30...and you can download immediately after you purchase form the store...


            screen1 copy.jpg


            But research it first....cause I honestly don't remember !!!!


            Good Luck..



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              Thanks a lot Rod,


              Here's what I used this weekend:



              The only problem is that for audio it won't let me choose AAC like it was 'told' to do in the FCPro settings guide. do you know why the option AAC isn't available? Because when I would choose H.264 as a format then there `is the option AAC so apparantly the audio codec AAC is on my machine. Or isn't it? And should I install it separately? What I did now was chosing the Apple Losless instead:




              Tomorrow I'll be hearing if they can get along with these settings.

              Thanks for your feedback.


              Gr. Karel