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    Pages moving (slightly) left and right when navigating through them.

    Peter A. Forkes Level 1

      You guys have really been a big help to me it ironing out the little nuances that I have come across with my first Dreamweaver project.  many thanks.


      I believe I now only have one last minot issue (or, at least I HOPE it's the last one).


      The page I am working on is http://www.VegasFastAds.com.


      At the top of each page is a library entry that has the links to the most important pages.  If you click on the left most ("Home") and then click on the one to the right of it ("Features") you will notice that the links at the top, the left and the page borders all stay exactly in place.  However, if you click on the next one along ("Search engines") everything moves ever so slightly to the right.  Clicking back on either the "Home" or "Search engines" links it all moves back to the left.


      I've looked at the code but nothing is jumping out at me.  Can one you look at it and offer any suggestions?


      Many thanks,