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    cfexchangemail fromID returns empty string

    Jay_B Level 1

      I'm trying to create a "Reply with Template" bit of code and since Outlook 2007 doesn't have this capability, I thought I'd try the cfexchange tags to view the mail, pick a reponse and cfmail to send.


      We're using SBS 2008 & CF8 with all hotfixes


      I have the following basic code


      <cfexchangemail action="get"  name="weeksmail" connection="myconn" />
      <cfdump var="#weeksmail#">


      This returns email correctly (can read the messages) but in something like 1/2 of the messages the Fromid reads [empty string]The other half is populated correctly.


      If I can't get the fromID I can't populate the TO: in cfmail so I can't do what I'm trying to do.


      I can't see anything in the email themselves that would account for this. Any Ideas?