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    Cannot capture from VCR Sony DHR-1000VC

    Helmuth Fischer Level 1

      Don't know whether this belongs into the hardware section?

      Upgraded to XP SP3. Try to capture in CS4 via firewire from digital VCR Sony DHR-1000VC. VCR is (mostly) not seen by the software. Definitely no picture. Learned  from the Internet that this occurred after SP2, Microsoft even published a patch. This patch is resident in SP3, so no soution there. Learned that modern firewire devices are OHCI compliant. VCR was launched before OHCI became new standard (still old IEEE controller?). No installation disk either, as VCR was expected to be detected automatically by the IEEE controller. Took the VCR to a friend who has installed XP as well as Windos 7: XP the same problem. Windows 7 works like a charm. Because of the above I don't want now to upgrade to W 7. Anyone an idea?