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    Premiere CS4 effects problem


      i have recently upgraded from CS3 to 4 and have been experiencing lots of issues with a project that begun life in CS3, the first of these were a problem with AEP files (with keylight) not appearing or rendering from Premiere. So I rendered off all teh AEP files as quicktime with alpha and used these files in the project instead.


      Now I am applying sharpen and contrast and brightness effects to these Movs and they appear to go all blurred in the Project, CS3 used to do this, but on the final render all appeared OK. It new seems that when I render in CS4 the blurriness is taken into the render and the final movies look awful.


      Any ideas? It took me 60 hours to render all these quicktime files out of After effects and I'd rather not go down the route of having to do all that again.


      Many thanks in advance