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      Newbie here..I have created a webpage in Fireworks, full layout , header , navigation bar with buttons , text , banner on top of the page. links. I want to create the hole site in fireworks (don`t know if this is a good ideea or if fireworks is also suposed to to this task , i mean create a whole page ready for publishing),,but anyway My problem is when I try to insert an animated banner, it has effects , the text shinnes and stuff like that. I insert nre Symbol , choose animation and click ok. It takes me to the edit symbol page (and i cannot go back to the original page, unless i open recent document) how can I get to the original page where i want my banner to appear without opening the page again ? I want the banner to appear as it is with flashing text effect when i preview it or when I export it..How can I do that ? Thank you: embarrassment;
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          pixlor Level 4
          Fireworks is a good program to use to design your site, but don't use it to develop and publish your site. It's a graphics program. Use it to make your images, then use a text editor, Dreamweaver, or another HTML program to make and upload your site.

          When you get the Edit Symbol page, after you make your edits, do you click on the "Done" button?

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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
            As pixlor mentions, Symbol Editing occurs in a new Tab.
            Look to the lower upper left of the new tab for the Done command.