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    Two way Data Binding?


      Hi all, I hope I can explain this coherently.

      I have a List component that uses a CustomItem as its ItemRenderer. This CustomItem contains three text fields.

      The List's DataProvider is an ArrayCollection which contains Objects and each CustomItem uses the relevant Objects properties to populate its three text fields (text="{this.data.itemName}").


      I would like this to work both ways so that if I manually edit one of the text fields the value I input gets stored back in the Object property so that I can then use the updated ArrayCollection for other stuff.


      Cheers for any help

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          invisibleBlade Level 1

          I seem to have found a way to do this by simply adding a <mx:Binding> tag with source set to a text value and the destination set to the Object parameter.

          This seems to be working but also seems a bit of a round about way of doing it so if anyone has any tips or wisdoms on the subject it would be good to hear them as well