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    URGENT: Please Help (error in flash code)


      I have a major deadline tomorrow and a problem has arisen. If anyone can take a look at my file and help me it would be greatly appreciated




      I was converting artwork to components and assigning interactions. When I went to run the project, it gave me the following error: "Flash Catalyst cannot run the project because of an error in the code. To find the error, switch to the code workspace and look in the Problems Panel."


      The error message read, specifically, "identifier 'group6' used more than once."


      I wasn't confident enough to start tweaking the code, so I just deleted the interactions and converted the components back to artwork hoping to reverse the problem.


      It didn't work.


      Unfortunately, I was saving more often than I was "compiling" because FC has been crashing on me with this particular file. As a result, I was saving a file that wouldn't compile and can no longer go back.






      I think I figured out the problem. I opened up an older file and began the painful process of recreating my work. I reverted a component called "Option Button" to artwork and when I compiled, I got the same error: "identifier 'group6' used more than once" and "identifier 'group7' used more than once." Is this happening when I convert a component back to artwork and it makes mistakes identifying/naming its parts??


      I tried reconverting the artwork to a component, thinking that might solve the problem, but it didn't...

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Sponce,


          This is a bug in FC: FC has assigned two different objects to be called "group6". Please email me the file so I can make sure we have this bug filed. To work around  it, you just need to figure out which objects have the ID "group6" and delete one of them. This is pretty straightforward: in the problems panel, the errors will have a line #. Find that line # in the file - that tells you where the error is in the code. Now you need to figure out which object that is. You might be able to do this by looking at what it has inside it: if it's a  tags inside it, well, then, it's the group with 3 rects. Otherwise, you can do it by position in the file: the code is in reverse z-order, so the last thing in the code is the topmost thing in the layers panel.