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    "Phantom" objects?

    J_Francis Level 1

      I recorded a simple exercise in MS Excel using Cap4. Call up a dialog box, change a setting, click the OK button. Plain vanilla stuff at this point. Now, I want to optimize the movie by replacing backgrounds wghich are identical or nearly identical with a single reusable background (and adding changed elements as individual layers on the timeline). Again, plain vanilla stuff.


      Here's where it gets weird: On the slide which had recorded the mouse clicking on the OK button, I do not see a layer dedicated on the timeline for that button in its depressed state. I can scrub the timeline, and sure enough, the pressed button appears at the appointed time, however, there is no way for me to select it (among other reasons, there is artifacting on it I would like to remove, and once I replaced the captured background with my "vanilla" background and a cropped image of the dialog box, the phantom OK button no longer appears. It's there, except it's now behind the dialog box and I cannot bring it forward). There is also nothing in the library that would correspond to this object. The backgrounds are all BMP's, and last time I checked, unless it's a DIB sequence, native BMP does not support animation.


      Are there additional phantom layers that Adobe hasn't told us about? Where is the "down" state of the button coming from? Even if I replace the background image and "turn off" all of the layers on the timeline, that still appears at the appointed time.