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    Using CS4 to set up document archive center

    Chelmich Level 1

      I would like to set up a "document center" on my website that would work much like the "explore" function on any PC.

      The viewer would click on document center and be taken to a page with the different folders, then clicking on the folder of choice it would expand to show the documents in that folder, they could then download the desired document.

      Is something like this possible with DW?  I realize I can open a new page each time a folder is selected but would prefer not to, if they click the wrong folder they would then have to go "back" to see the others.

      I have considered using a Spry menu but there are just so many documents, and more added all the time that I don't think that is the best route to go.

      Any ideas?  Can someone point me to a link that would give me some instruction on setting this up?

      Thank you.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Simply search for "tree menu" and a hundred pages will come up that offer JavaScript code to do that in any variation you can imagine. To be honest, though, for a managed way to handle this you should think about working with a CMS like Joomla... If there are really that many files, performance of a JavaScript solution might be terrible once you have a sizeable number of menu entries and menu levels. A CMS would also have the benefit of being searchable, allowing better cross linking and restricting access to certain parts, if necessary...