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    GUI displays different information on different machines

    Sean McElroy



      I have a form that has three bindable comboboxes and the form is part of an application that I have hosted on tomcat. The problem I'm having is that the comboboxes only appear to work for certain users. For example User A may see a combobox with the correct value selected but for User B this is not happening and the first available option in the combobox is selected. The problem is so random that I can't explain it. Can anyone help?





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          Jason Szeto Level 3



          I'm afraid your description is way too vague. Without a detailed example of exactly what is occurring and a small test app that reproduces the problem, there is not much we can do to help you.


          To debug this problem, I would suggest putting a bunch of trace statements in your code and running that app on your different user machines. Take a look at the flashlog.txt on their machines and see what is different. You'll need to make sure they are running the debugger player.