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    RH8 & Goggle Chrome Issues

    kimcramer42 Level 1

      Yes, I know that Chrome isn't yet a supported browser. However, my company's management has decided to recommend that customers use Google Chrome for the next version of pur product (due to its speed in rendering our application - IE and FF are much slower). So before raising the compatibility errors to management, I want to run them by the folks here and see if anyone has workarounds that I can propose. FYI - I've searched the Forums and read RoboWizard and Peter's material and haven't found anything that seems to address these particular issues.


      I'm using RH to produce window-level context-sensitive Help for a javascript application, using the standard RH API. Everything works great in IE and FF. Here are the issues I'm seeing in Chrome:


      1. Issue with two browser windows on launch - When clicking the Help link in the app, two new browser windows open. The first remains blank and in front, and the second contains the called topic text and the Show link. Here's a picture:


      I can close the blank window and the second window with the Help remains open. I'd like to get rid off that blank window automatically, if possible.


      2. Issue with See Also buttons - When the Help inititally opens, it displays just the topic itself and a Show link. At this point, the See Also buttons function normally.


      The problem occurs when I click the Show link to display the nav pane. Once the nav pane opens (it works fine BTW), the See Also buttons no longer work. I get a hand cursor but no result on clicking.


      If I click the Hide Navigation Component control, the navigation pane does go away as expected. But the See Also links continue to not work and there is now no Show link for re-displaying the nav pane. However, if I right-click and select Back, I return to the topic only pane with a Show link and working See Also buttons.


      My questions are:

      1) Can I get rid of that blank window?

      2) Can I fix the See Also lists so they work when the nav pane is open?

      3) Can I force the Show link to reappear when the nav pane is closed?


      Thanks so much for any help you can provide!