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    Merging .acrodata files

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      I have a customized installation (ACW) of Reader 9.3 containing 2 new  .acrodata files (addressbook and directories).  How to merge if it finds existing files (eg. addressbook.acrodata) or can a series of .acrodata files exist, such as addressbook1.acrodata, addressbook2.acrodata, etc)? 

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          I have a similar problem, using Adobe Reader 9.5.5 and Ubuntu 12.04. Is it possible to merge addressbook.acrodata files? 


          I want to add a trusted root certificate to all my client PCs without overwriting their already trusted certificates. The easiest way on Ubuntu seems to send them a .fdf-file with this certificate, but this is almost the same process as trusting the certificate manually in Adobe Reader. My goal is to make an installer (.deb/.rpm) that takes care of this for my clients "automagically". Any help/tips on this topic?