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    Flash plugin hangs browser(s)




      Earlier today I created a topic on this on the Mozilla support forums.


      Content repeated below:


      post 1)



      The following issue is driving me nuts;


      Since upgrading to 3.6 sites using Flash hang firefox indefinately.
      The behaviour appears to occur random; some days no problem, some days I get hangs on every flash page.


      The download progress bar just stops in the middle somewhere and Firefox becomes unresponsive and has to be killed through task manager.


      The behaviour is caused by NPSWF32.dll (the Flash 10 dll).


      In about:plugins I can see the following:
      Shockwave Flash


      File: NPSWF32.dll
      Shockwave Flash 10.0 r42
      application/x-shockwave-flash      Adobe Flash movie      swf
      application/futuresplash      FutureSplash movie      spl


      In Proces Explorer (sysinternals) I can see several NPSWF32.dll threads when FF hangs.
      Usually with 2 separate Start adresses.
      Right now, for instance, FF is hanging (after I started it in safe-mode without add-ons).


      In Process Explorer I see 5 NPSWF32.dll threads:
      3 with start address 0x14cd2 (NPSWF32.dll!nativeShockwaveFlash_TCallLabel+0x14cd2)
      2 with start address 0x637b (NPSWF32.dll!nativeShockwaveFlash_TCallLabel+0x637b)


      All threads have state Wait:UserRequest


      Killing these threads in order of last created will cause Firefox to start responding again.
      In this case killing the 2 0x637b threads caused Firefox to start responding again.


      Unfortunately I usually have to repeat this process for every page which is using Flash.


      Any clues to finding a permanent fix would be much appreciated (and yes, I have tried reinstalling Flash, multiple times).


      Thanks in advance.


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      Google Chrome displays the same behaviour (but after some seconds a pop-up offers to close the non-responsive tab).

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      On this page:
      http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/C ... 1abd&hl=en
      someone suggested it may be related to sound drivers

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      I tried uninstalling / reïnstalling the plugin several times, without errors, but still the plugin hangs on Flash pages.



      Only way to get the browser to respond again is by killing NPSWF32.dll threads.


      Any clues on fixing this would be greatly appreciated.



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          Roostr72 Level 1

          Forgot to add :


          my OS is Windows XP.


          The mozilla topic can be found here :


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            No one?



            I just installed version of the plugin through firefox.

            No errors during installation. Plugin shows as active in about plugins.


            The test page (http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ ) shows the Flash animation and confirms it has been installed properly.


            Once I leave the page Firefox hangs (repeatable).


            Google Chrome shows the same behaviour (but offers to close the hanging tab, and mentions an 'Unknown' plugin is causing the problem)


            The only browser that has no issues is IE 6 (which I really do not want to use).


            Is there an Flash 9 download still available? I'd prefer downgrading if that means I can work around this problem.


            Thanks in advance.






            Just a guess, but could my virus scanner have anything to do with it?

            I'm using McAfee (Mcshield.exe, version

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              I too am having this problem and it is getting F***ing annoying.  I hate having to reboot my computer just because a side commercial ad video is playing and happens to kill the browser.  For me it kills firerfox and Internet explorer every single time after a couple of clips or about halfway through an episode on hulu (10-15 minutes).  I thought it was my computer messing up so i reformatted and did a clean install of windows 7.  Ive only been on the computer half a day and the problem is still there so it is definately not my system.  I have unistalled flash and everything adobe related and reinstalled as well as reinstalled all my browsers.  Nothing.  Can someone please help so i dont have to keep rebooting my computer everytime i want to look something up.




              Side note: i had avg prior to the reformat and right now no virus protection so i dont think it has anything to do with that

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                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                Hi, I would like to have you post all of your add ons in IE, both currently loaded and have been loaded and version#'s if listed and the same with the FF plugins, extenstions and add ons.


                You don't want to try to install FP vs 9, it will fail and you may have more problems as a result than you now have.


                McAfee is definitely a problem. We'll address that later. McAfee and Norton are the most intrusive Anti-Virus programs on the market. They can't even be uninstalled by a regular method. They each have their own Uninstallers. Just think "big

                brother". They practically take over your computer and dictate what you can and can't do. So, yes, a major issue.


                However, you have several things going on but I would start with the add ons first and proceed from there. If you want

                me to help you sort this out, you must agree not to "move the goal posts". By that I mean adding, removing, changing,

                installing, uninstalling etc.  I cannot help you if you do that. This is a busy forum and my time is valuable. If you want to experiment that is fine, but I try not to waste my time on that.





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                  Hi notpluggedin, Since you just registered, please take the time to start a thread in your name. You may think your problem is the same as the person that started this thread that you posted on, but it is not. Too many variables and

                  it is too confusing to try to help more than one person with different problems on one thread.






                  P.S. When you start your thread, pick the subject that most describes the problem that you are having. That helps those

                  that can help you.