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    The Mercury Engine and 3rd Party Hardware

    Chad Kopec

      Like most users, I'm pretty excited about the new Mercury playback engine.  My big concern, however, is how it will integrate with 3rd party capture/display hardware.


      I own a Blackmagic Multibridge Pro, and it's been a mixed experience.  I swapped it for an AJA Xena LHi, and it was even worse.  My understanding is that each hardware manufacturer actually provides its own playback engine for Premiere, and that's where much of the trouble is.  Take RED footage, for example.  Premiere handles it fine on my machine.  But, I can't place it on a Blackmagic timeline for viewing on my client monitor because Blackmagic's playback engine can't handle it.  That is an absolute show-stopper for me, and why I'm wondering about the Mercury engine.


      I get the impression that Adobe has worked harder this time around to provide hardware manufacturers with SDKs early in the process, and have made some changes to the way hardware is used by Premiere.  My hope is that the hardware will be able to take a video stream from the Mercury engine and output via SDI, HDMI, etc., rather than use their own playback engine.


      So...  What about it?  Will those of us reliant on capture/output hardware be able to enjoy the benefits of the Mercury engine?