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    Good workflow to avoid white lines and discolored boxes with transperancy?

    j0sh3w1ng Level 1

      I'm somewhat new to Illustrator.  I have designs in illustrator CS4 that contain objects with drop shadows that are on top of gradient backgrounds.  When I save out the artwork as a PDF file I see random faint white lines and discolored boxes around the objects with the drop shadows.  When I print proofs of the file on my HP3500 color laser printer I see the white lines and discolored boxes as well.  I'm afraid the the lines will show up in production when I send off to the printer. Here's what I'm doing.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      (Document Raster Effects Settings: Resolution-High 300ppi/Background: Transperant/Options: preserve spot colors, add 12.7mm around object)


      1. Save file as PDF from Illustrator CS4

      2. PDF Settings

           a. PDF Preset: PDF /xa:2001

           b. Advanced Overprint and Transperancy flatener options: Preset-High Resolution


      When viewed and printed from Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro there are white stiching lines that are visible.


      Do I need to worry about these? Or will they go away when sent to a better printer?


      Thanks for the help.