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    Image Text Wrapping html/css


      Ok, I've searched around and I don't think this is possible but...


      Every example of image text wrapping I can find requires that you put the <img> into your html before or after a paragraph. I'd like have it so that I can move my image anywhere on the left side of my div box and the text will flow around it. My concern is that I want my image placed on the left side but in the middle of a paragraph so that text from the paragraph wraps all around it on the top, right, and bottom.


      I realize that you can insert an <img> in the middle of the words to the paragraph and float left in css but my problem with that is it seems if the text gets resized in a browser or something it won't naturally flow with the image but yet get stuck there and get funky.


      Did I lose you guys? Any ideas? Is this possible?


      Thanks again