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    Template question


      Using Dreamweaver CS4


      I have a site that I built using templates, and it is stored in a directory named site1. I want to make some changes to the site, but keep all of the files up to today in site1 so I made another directory site2 and copied all of the files from site1 to site2.


      If I open a template from site2/templates and modify it, will it modify the files in site1/templates?


      If so, how would I stop that from happening?


      Thanks for any help.

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          370H55V Level 4

          If you open a file from one folder and edit it, how could it possibly modify one in another folder?


          If you take a cup full of rice from your pantry and cook it on the stove, does the rest of the rice in the pantry cook also?


          Seriously though, unless you "save as" and overwrite the files in folder 1, anything you do in folder 2 stays in folder 2.


          I currently have seven client sites and six development sites in my "library". If making changes in one affected all the rest, I'd be in a world of hurt.

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            fog49 Level 1

            Thanks, I think.


            I asked an honest question, I feared that the relative links from directory would cause the files from the first site to be overwritten. Since you seem to not understand how templates work, here is what happens. The templates are all stored in  a directory called c:\sitename\templates. The html files are stored in various directories such as c:\sitename\html or c:\sitename\php etc.


            When the template is updated or changed all of the files no matter what subdirectory they are in are changed. So your analogy is not worth a cup of rice. cooked or not.


            I get tired of people who reply with dumb answers to honest questions.