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    urgent help please


      Hi, i'm having a problem that i just cant work out; i'll describe whats happening and would greatly apriciate any help anyone can give.


      when i type in an external/absolute link in dreamweaver sidewide change link function i keep getting a message saying it cant find any links with that name ("no links to.....found".

      i've tried creating a simple link in my index.html like http://google.com then searching for that so i know its there and dreamweaver still tells me that http://google.com, www.google.com, /google.com and every other variation i can think of doesnt exist. In addition to that when i search for broken links and click external links to try changing them there, the search function finds the links i'm looking for and lets me type in the new link i want but when i hit enter it reverts to the old link.


      at first i thought it was a problem with my copy of dreamweaver but i downloaded my site to a hard drive and tried on my uni computers copy of dw cs3 and cs4 with the same outcome.

      i have about 1000 of the particular link in my site that i need to change and really dont want to do this manually, if anyone could help i'd be extremely grateful as i have scheduled launch for my site in 2 days and have heaps to do preventing me from trawling the site manually looking for links.

      thanks, Andy