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    Flex Builder 3 forgets valid serial number, constant prompt


      Hi all,


      I installed Flex Builder 3 on a Windows XP 32 bit machine under one user account. It came up and worked great for several days. Later on, I made another user account and tried to use Flex Builder 3. Each time it starts up it says my trial period is expired and I need to enter a serial number. At that point I re-enter my serial and it accepts it as valid. However, as soon as I move to build a project or do practically anything, the program re-prompts that my trial period is expired and I need to re-enter a valid serial.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled Flex Builder a number of times, but that does not help this issue. I have deleted the file c:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Flex\license.properties, but that does not fix the issue. Deleting this file gives me a new trial period and the same behavior of accepting and "forgetting"/"ignoring" my valid serial number. One note, this file does contain my serial number and the date and time that the program most recently accepted it as a valid serial number.


      Are there registry keys that perhaps did not get unset or other "magic files" that I need to delete to completely reset the serialization process? It is very frustrating that it is not accepting and "remembering" the valid license key.


      Thanks for any guidance!