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    Having issues with Black lines in Dreamweaver CS4 after inserting Flash CS4 .swf file


      We are currently working on a large scale web job, and are having issues with Dreamweaver CS4 and Flash CS4. We've created flash animation in CS4 and exported it as a .swf file. We created a template in Dreamweaver and inserted slices into table cells. A new layer was created on  top of the background image with a new table inserted inside. This table is an editable region so we can insert text, art etc into our new pages. However, when we insert a .swf file into one of the cells, a black line appears in the new page. We've recreated the flash files and re-exported the .swf files, we've looked at changing the Wmode in the properties box in Dreamweaver, as well as changing the scale of the .swf file in Dreamweaver. We have yet been successful in finding any help online with this, can someone help us out?