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    Deleting Markers

    Peter Studt Level 1

      Currently to delete markers in Premiere Pro CS4 (4.2.1) I navigate the (is it CTM, Current Time Marker?!?!?!) CTM to the marker I want to remove and right click it, then go to 'Clear Markers', wait for it to 'pop out' then go to 'Clear Current', and it is getting frustrating.

      Is there a key combination that is hidden or top secret for some reason that will delete the current marker?


      In Sony Vegas (Sorry to mention it, but) the markers are selectable and then you simply hit delete, it is simple as that, you can select and delete 1 or ctrl select incongruous markers or shft select them and delete as many or as few as you like. Also their Markers have labels that are constantly visible, which means at a glance you can understand your markers instead of messing around in the fog that is PP's markers!


      Any assistance other than a recomendation to put in a feature request would be appreciated, thank you.




      p.s. I have put in a feature request already!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Have not checked this one out, but you can Customize Keyboard Shortcut keys. That might be one of the operations, that you can map.


          Good luck,



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            Peter Studt Level 1

            Hi Bill,


            Your suggestion made me look in the main menus above, and I found the equivalent menu entries up there, with one notable difference, the keyboard shortcuts are listed there!!!


            Ctrl+0 (clears the current)

            Alt+0 (clears all)

            Why don't they mention keyboard shortcuts on the contextual menu's?!?!


            Thanks Bill!


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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Double click on the marker and delete from pop=up box.

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                Peter Studt Level 1

                Hi Ann,


                Yes, true, I have used that upon occasion but it is very rodent-centric!

                For example if I was making a music video, and as I often do, have added the music then played it, hitting the * in the num pad in time with the music to lay down a whole swag of markers, then that becomes an even larger number of mouse clicks! Especially the double click variety which tends to make my fingers hurt after awhile...


                I have only used Vegas Pro and Premiere Pro but I know people who would not use anything but Vegas, and I can fully see why, and believe that all NLE's developers can learn from their ground breaking work! As for marker functionality, Vegas wins hands down from what I have experienced




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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  Not making excuses for Adobe, but if you'll notice, no keyboard commands at all are listed in the contextual/right-click menus. I guess the thinking is that, if you'll already initiated a right-click or called a contextual menu in some fashion, that you plan on following through with the mouse. The contextual menus tend to aggregate a number of different program commands from a number of different menus, so if the keyboard shortcuts were also shown on the contextual menus, the display would be pretty garbled. Again, I'm not making excuses for Adobe--I'd suggest making a feature request to Adobe for this, but specific that it should be an option/preference--but I think it's actually a pretty logical implementation.


                  FUN FACT! If you hold down Control and Shift when you click on Edit > Keyboard Customization, a secret button labeled ">>Clipboard" will appear. Click it, and all of the currently configured keyboard shortcuts will be copied to the clipboard. You can then paste that into a text document and print/PDF it for quick reference.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Your "Fun Fact" is a neat Easter Egg, and early too - Mardi Gras hasn't even gotten into full swing yet!


                    Thanks for that,



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                      Peter Studt Level 1

                      Hi again Colin,


                      When I saw you had replied to this topic aswell I thought "Yes! Another drawing back of the Adobe fog!" but not so much... Though I do see your reasoning.

                      However I do love the secret "Dump to clipboard" combo, that has real panache!


                      Thanks Colin


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                        starc28937702 Level 1

                        I right clicked one marker and the pop up had an option to delete all markers. It made me so happy!