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    Placing Images in Illustrator CS4 causes them to appear 1/3 size

    kevin_stagg Level 1

      Whenever I try and place an image (whether it be simply placing an image or opening one) within Illustrator CS4 for Windows - for whatever reason, the images appear at about 1/3 the size they should be.


      I go to View > Actual Size and it shows that the image is at 100% but it's obvious the images are nowhere near 100% (see attached ai.cs4.jpg). What could be causing this? I open up the same images (I know this because I am pulling from my desktop so I know I am pulling the same files to avoid confusion) in Fireworks CS4 and it pulls open correctly the right size, the same time - every time (see attached fw.cs4.jpg).


      I'm really trying to  come to grips with Illustrator, but this simple task is driving me nuts.


      Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated -