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    Email not working in my form?

    whitsunday lad Level 1



      I am developing an html, javascript and asp site with Dreamweaver MX, My box is xp professional.  The main functionality of the site is to let clients join online and enter in to an authority to act contract that lets me collect their overdue receivables on their behalf.  From my default page the user links to the file getauth.asp, this is a form that takes all the needed information.  Once they fill in the form and hit the submit button the inserted data directs to another file receiveauth.asp for printing and emailing to my email address.  After they hit print they should then be directed to another file confirm.asp that tells them they have completed the form.  So far all the data from the first file is captured and directs to the second file receiveauth.asp and does in deed print ok, but the email does not work and you are not directed to the confirm.asp page after printing.


      I will attach the three files.


      Can anybody who has time tell me whats wrong?  Apart from my skills as a novice Dreamweaver MX user.