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    Web Service Deployment




      I am developing an AIR Application which connects to WebService (developed in Java).

      Originally I created a Flex / AIR project, created src folder there, put Java code there,

      then created a Web Service (server and client) from Eclipse and deployed it to Tomcat.

      It all runs fine from FB3/Eclipse, AIR, Web Service server and Client.


      Now I am trying to have AIR file separated from that Web Service code

      and deployed independently of Eclipse/FB3.


      I do not see a separate Web Service Project in Eclipse for JavaEE,

      so I guess I need to create Java Project, then do Web Service, which will generate WS server and client ?


      I tried that, in addition it created 2 more projects - WebServiceProject and WebServiceProjectClient

      and deployed it on Tomcat6.  I can see a bunch of generated Java classes wrapping my Java service in Client/src.


      So now how do I run it and test it ?


      Is there a document describing that WS development/deployment ?

      I am doing it first time.


      Please help !