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    moving/scaling many images within frames

    Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional



      we produce dozens of school yearbooks and we are looking to streamline the process. one part in particular is producing the yearbook school photos. i'm working on a solution which involves using this script by Loic Aigon to quickly create a datamerge from a folder of photos:




      using datamerge to merge multiple records, this makes everything fairly smooth until the pictures come in. the photos need the head and shoulders of the student, but the photos which are often supplied have more than this. it'd be nice to have a script which would allow all the images within the frames to move/scale to options available within a dialog box.


      i have done a search of the forums and this thread was VERY close to what i'm after




      except there needs to be a dialog box which has options to manipulate the offset/scale. the script would be used by designers with no scripting experience, so asking them to go into notepad and adjust the offsets etc in there would confuse them.


      everything else from that point on is a piece of cake i.e. there is a GREP to change the student's names (if need be).


      thank you very much.




      ps: the script doesn't have to be an applescript like the above thread, a javascript would be just as good