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    Count shared objects created on server


      Hi Experts,


      I am working on a game projects right now. I have created game using Flex and FluorineFx(ASP.NET). In this I have used persistent remote shared object to share the common UI to two players. Now It can be heavy traffic on the server as there might be thousands of games running at a time. So to balance the load on the server, I want to count the shared objects created on the servers. If shared objects on the server exeeds the max limit then I  will switch the requests to create sharerd object on the other server.


      So for this, how can I count the shared objects created on the server. Also can I chech that the shared object is created or not on the server, I mean is there any methos which returns any flag based on the checking that shared object of perticular ID is exist or not.


      I would appreciate if I will get quick reply as it is quite urgent for me.


      Thanks in advance.