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    String Concatenation



      I have five text fields with name like Name_1, Name_2, Name_3, Name_4 and Name_5.

      Each of these will contain just one character like A B C D  and E.

      I want a 6 th text field (hidden) to have the full value as ABCDE after the user exits the text field Name_5.


      form1.Fragment1.Name_5::mouseExit - (JavaScript, client)




      var string1=form1.Fragment1.Name_1.rawValue;

      var string2=form1.Fragment1.Name_2.rawValue;

      var string3=form1.Fragment1.Name_3.rawValue;

      var string4=form1.Fragment1.Name_4.rawValue;

      var string5=form1.Fragment1.Name_5.rawValue;


      var string6=form1.Fragment1.Name_6.rawValue; // This is blank presently.


      form1.Fragment1.Name_6.rawValue = string6.concat(string1, string2, string3, string4, string5);


      Please help me how would this work.

      Thanks and Regards,