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    Decimals problems Flex3 CF8

      Hello all

      I am having the same problem under Flex2 and Flex 3 M2 Beta 1

      I have a table with a field defined as Double. That field contains data rounded to the 3rd decimal ex: 8.497

      Selecting a row through CF8 returns the right data for that field (8.497)

      Using a RemoteObject call Flex gets that row through event.result and that value is transformed as 8.49699943443943

      I cannot simply get 8.497 through a remote object !!

      if in the query I cast that column toChar() it does indeed return 8.497.

      So there seems to be a numeric conversion problem between CF8 and Flex2/3

      Please help !!

      Config: CF8 Mac OSX official build, Flex 2 or 3 beta, problem occurs on both Windows and OS X clients.

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          I have the exact same problem in two cases, in the first one i have the values returned from a .NET and SQL web service (that is working just fine) but in flex some time the decimal values are messed up like:

          Original value: 555.55
          Flex value: 555.599999999

          In the second case I need to separate integer from decimal so i store the integer value in other var and then I substract that value from the original var but it doesn't work it gives the same wrong values, with the decimals. Please I need urgent help with this issue because I already have production software working and the wrong values are piling up and they are starting to become more noticing, my boos is even saying that if we don't fix this real quick we'r going to change Flex for some other solution.

          Thanx in advanced for your swift responce.