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    Thinking about external hard drives: USB 3.0

    Matt Petersen Level 3

      For a while now we've had 3 Lacie 1 Terrabyte drives attached to our primary editing workstation, an 8 core Xeon. Two are FW800 and one is USB 2.0.


      We tend to edit on the internal disks then archive job folders out to these other drives depending on relative importance. Jobs that are unlikely to be worked on again go to the USB drive. When this fills I guess I'll just put it in a box and store it.


      Anyway, one of our FW800's has started to play up a bit and I got to thinking this might be a good time for some new ones. It seems, at the level that I can afford, my choices are eSATA and the newish USB 3.0. Basically what I want to achieve is really quick file copies between drives, internal and external.


      On paper, it looks like a no-brainer to USB 3.0, but I was just wondering if there are any early adopters out there who are using this gear. Drives, enclosures and PCI cards are starting to appear in shops and on e-bay at the lower end.


      One last thing: at the quoted speed, it would seem feasable to edit straight off these drives. Any comments there?




      Matthew P