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    PE8 Word Wrap


      Is it possible to word wrap the chapter titles in the menu templates provided with Premiere Elements 8?  I've tried adding enough spaces to make it wrap in the edit block but the second line gets cut off on the menu generated.  Hitting return when the curser is between words exits the edit screen or crashes the program.

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          Paul787 Level 3

          When you are at the end of the first line of text, hold down the Ctrl key and press Enter. You should now be at the beginning of line two. You may also have to adjust the size of the menu box to accommodate the extra lines of text.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, one consideration, when using Paul's Hard-Return method is that if you are just working with the main title, or sub-title, you'll be fine, so long as you do not cover up elements on the Menu. If, however, you are working on text for Buttons, the DVD-specs. do not allow Buttons to overlap - even by a 1 pixel row, or column. The "size" of the Button is determined by a bounding box (square or rectangle) that encloses the largest element in that Button.


            With PrE's Menu Sets, one is usually NOT changing Button text, but if you do, remember to not make this portion of the Button much larger, or you will get overlaps, which are not allowed.


            Good luck,