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    Not able to bind datasource to listBox or dropDown in Form

    Ashok Deivasigamani Level 1

      Hey Guys,

      I created a process to fetch data from a table in my MYSQL database and its working fine. The output of this process is a list of String.

      I wanted a list box in my form to get dynamic value from this process. I have binded my process output to the "Specify Item Vaules" of the List Box object in the form. But in the "Preview PDF" tab i am not getting the dynamic values getting listed in the listBox. I have attached the LCA file. Kindly help me resolve the issue.

      Do I require Adobe Acrobat PRO Extended for this dynamic invocation. I have installed Adobe Reader alone.

      Also I find that there is no service request when I manually invoke the button from the PDF. I used "Servic Capture Application" to check if there is a service request.