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    Initialization of HtmlHelpTargetIdentity.dll failed

    NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1

      I use RoboHelp, windows XP, no network, generating CHM files.


      I was investigating link behaviour and RoboHelp was crashing regularly. I decided to ignore the crashes and continue my other work. Suddenly I got this popup when starting RH:


      The file HtmlHelpTargetIdentity.dll is where the popup says, it is version


      After this my default layout (HTML Help) had disappeared from the SSL pod and WebHelp was set as default. I created a new HTM Help layout and was able to continue, still with crashes (about every third Save command).


      Has anyone ever seen this before, or have any hints for further troubleshooting?


      I suspect that this project has some quirk which causes the crashes, but my current work is mainly non-RoboHelp so I cannot be sure. It is a test project, so no secrets in it, if anybody would like to help me.


      --- Derek