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    Basic Question about Volume Control


      I am a very new user of Adobe Premiere. I am currently using Premiere Pro CS4.


      My question is that when I play a clip in the source window, is there any way to control the audio volume? I do not mean affect the volume in the output, simply that when I am previewing a clip in the source window to add markers, is there a way to change the audio volume?


      I would like to do this without using the audio controls for my sound card, or turning the volume knob on my speakers. I am looking for a volume control slider, of the sort found in any media player, to increase or decrease the volume level while previewing in the source window.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          That volume would be set in the OS for the Sound devices. There is no Output volume control there.


          Hope that helps,



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            Alan Craven Level 4

            Premiere allows you to control the volume, but being a media editor rather than a player, the changes you make affect the actual output volume on the finished tape or DVD, which I assume you do not want to do?


            If you adjust the audible sound level using the gain controls in your computer, this will have no effect on the audio levels in your project.  I always use headphones when I am working with the audio in a project - I can listen at whatever volume I like then.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              That is just as I do. Most often, I just pot the gain in the Speaker icon in my taskbar. One set of phones has a manual pot in its interface, but most of mine do not.



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                davemt21 Level 1

                Thanks for the replies.


                I guess I will have to use the volume controls on my OS or on the speakers then. I try to avoid doing that, because it affects all the applications on my computer, and any changes I make at the OS or hardware level must be changed back, otherwise my other applications will be too loud or too faint.


                It seems like a useful feature that perhaps the people at Adobe might consider. Any time you have an application that plays sound, even if it's only a preview like in the source window, it should have a volume control. If they think someone might be confused, they could add a tooltip that says "this control only affects the preview, it doesn't change the volume level in the source or output files". People don't rely on subjective volume levels anyway, when editing sounds. That's what the decibel meters are for.


                I wonder if Adobe has some general dislike of volume controls. I hate to generalize, but I have also found missing volume controls on flash animations and internet flash ads to be a great nuisance.