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      I am trying to use forcesmoothing and having partial success. I have found a script that I am using to dynamically load pictures on a site I am doing - here is the site-www.stacybuckley.com/ click on collections and then the pic on the left to see the script at work

      I am having a problem with images not being smooth. I just found out about forcesmoothing (there isn't that much info on the net about it.) I am able to use it to smooth the thumbnails (thumbs_mc) but not the main picture.

      I have included forcesmoothing = true in the function "init" towards the bottom of the code to set the force smoothing for pic_mc to true but this doesn't seem to help. Any help is appreciated.
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          I forgot to take this out before posting code before - this wasn't helping either

          // use the main timeline to listen to and respond to loader's broadcast events
          onLoadInit: function(target:MovieClip){
          // this prevents that awfully jagged look
          target.forceSmoothing = true;