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    How do I Make an <img> appear below a CSS background image of a <div>???

    keithwoods Level 1

      Hi there...

      I have a <div> tag with a CSS background image. This background image is repeatable so that when the user adds more content the background carries on beneath.

      To make the page consistent and give it a better look I also have a bottom part to the background. This bottom part is an <img> within the <div> - at the bottom...obviously.

      At the moment the <div>'s CSS background image is showing below the <img>. Is there a trick so that the <img> appears below the CSS background?

      Here's the code and an image (attached) of what I'm trying to do...



      <div id="content">
            <h1>Friendly Harpenden based service for Home and Home Office PC's and Laptops</h1>
                   <li>Home visits</li>
                  <li>No call out charge</li>
                  <li>No fix, no fee</li>
                  <li>Free local collection and delivery within 15 miles of Harpenden</li>
                  <li>Over 15 years experience</li>
                  <li>Please click <a href="services.html" title="Click to go to Services Page">'Services'</a> tab above for full list of services offered</li>
              <img id="content_box_bottom" src="images/content_3_bottom.png" />