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    Frontpage Sites into Dreamweaver CS4

    Dr Dimento

      OK I am a newbie to both Mac and Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 on a MacBook Pro and I do not have the option of running Frontpage under Parellels as I have tried it about 20x and Frontpage cannot see my Frontpage files on my Mac .psf network solution . . . so . . . I have to learn DW in one days time; but first, I have to get Frontpage sites into DW.  BTW, have no sympathy for me, I do stupid things like this all the time, it's how I became an expert at Avid Liquid and how I'm doing the same on Final Cut Pro and will probably do on Premier Pro CS4.  Learn by "doing."  However, please be gentle, I'm a novice at Mac.


      Anyone tell me how to get Frontpage sites into Dreamweaver CS4?  Also, is DW CS4 version 8?  MX?  Or do none of these versions apply?


      Thanks in advance to all who respond.

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          brightbelt Level 1

          I actually have some experience in this area. Firstly, welcome to Mac. You'll love it.


          It will make a difference which version of Frontpage you're talking about -- because depending upon that, you could have dynamic templates or not or other things like shared borders, which I'm sure you're familiar with from older versions of Frontpage.


          I'll share here some of what I know in case it might help.  First to get your site into DW CS4, your answer might be in the 'Site' menu - 'Manage Sites' -> Import.


          Here's what I know from my own experience about what can happen when importing from Frontpage:


          -Frontpage "Shared Borders" (at least back in the DW MX period and I doubt that it's changed) are Not recognized by DW, so caution on that.

          -Any Dynamic Templates in FP should carry over just fine.

          - Form Data processing set up in Frontpage will not carry over. You should still have your form objects in your Html okay but none of the processing carries over since that is FP code.


          Good Luck - I hope I helped....Frank B.

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            370H55V Level 4

            CS4 is version 10 of Dreamweaver.

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              Dr Dimento Level 1

              Thanks for these responses I will do some trials but I think what was listed is what I did but DW did not see the files.  Thoughts?


              I have FP 2003.

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                Dr Dimento Level 1

                OK I've tried through the Site>Import and that don't work nor does any other method of Import from the Dreamweaver drop down menu.  Nothing in DW seems to even so much as "see" the files in my FP documents that I have.


                Also, relative to building a site in DW and then coping code over, I have over 50 sites some with over 30 pages which would take me months to complete with my schedule the way it is.  So, thanks for that offering, but that isn't an option.


                Guess if there aren't any other ways to get FP sites into DW I'll have to go to the Parellels people and get them to tell me why FP2003 can't load my websites from the file folder but instead gives me a .ps network path error.  Guess I'm just stuck with Windows. 

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                  John Blaustein Level 4

                  Hi Dr Dimento,


                  I have been working for the past two days migrating my site from FrontPage 2003 to DW CS4.  While I am no expert at any of this, I will tell you what I did because it worked and it was relatively easy and straightforward to do.


                  In DW, I created a new site.  The new site is on the same drive but in a different folder as my original FP site.  Then, in the DW File panel, in the dropdown at the top, I selected the drive with the folders of the two sites.  You will see the DW site is indicated with green folders.  I opened the FP site folder and simply dragged all the files and folders from it (FP) to the new DW site folder.


                  A different, and maybe easier method is described here:



                  In essence, you simply create a new DW site and point it to your old FP site.  I didn't do it this way because I had created some new files and folders in my new DW site and I didn't want all the folders from the FP site in the new  site.



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                    Dr Dimento Level 1

                    Ok "John Blastein" this actually worked BUT now that I started working with DW . . . WOW . . is it intense and challenging like a lot of Adobe products.  I mean I'm sure it will design the most intense and state of the art site but wow is it hard to work with.  I mean a simple thing like taking a line of words and making a "hyperlink" of it is like pulling teeth.  As much as I am not a fan of FP after trying to use DW I feel like FP is a God send.  A hyperlink is sooooooo simple . . just hightlight the words you want to be a link and right click and select hyperlink.  That's it and type or paste of visit a link you want and zip its in there.


                    All this prompted me for now to go revisit parellels and FP and clicking every Parellels option I discoverd this little option that allows you to set a path as a drive and thus I set the "My Web Sites" folder as a path.  Parellels assigned a drive "X:" to it and upon reopening FP in parellels, I clicked the "Open Site" option and then navigated to this newly appearing "X:" drive and the subsequent folder and like heaven . . all my sites appeared in the FP navigation window.  I instantly pulled up a site, and began editing.  So, in the meantime till i get some "SERIOUS" tutoring on DW (which I want to learn from all the heralding I hear over it)


                    Thanks to all who have helped in this matter and like John says, that method in DW of >creating a web site >copy the FP content into that folder outside of DW . .then . . >open DW and the respective newly created site and zippo there are the files.  but like i say, i messed around a bit and only wanted to make some small changes to links, and import and upload a couple videos with their respective links and instantly discovered that i need a degree in DW to make it happen.


                    So on to my next question which will be where does one get some "serious" tutoring or videos?

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                      John Blaustein Level 4

                      Dr Dimento,


                      I have to confess that the first time I opened DW at the beginning of this week, my first reaction was OMG, what have I done, this is going to be impossible!  I then spent a couple of hours just playing around and it all started to make some sense.


                      Before even installing DW, I spent some time studying the superb videos here:



                      In particular, I would suggest you watch all the videos here:



                      These videos got me to the point where I now feel comfortable with DW.  Some of the videos go by pretty quickly, so watch them twice.  They are really excellent!


                      I would also suggest you read this:

                      Migrating from Microsoft FrontPage 2003 to Adobe Dreamweaver 8



                      Hang in there.... I suspect we will both be glad we left FP behind once we get more familiar with DW.



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                        brightbelt Level 1

                        I can testify as somone who has made the transition (from Frontpage 2003) - you'll be a lot happier. And if I can do it, anyone can.


                        I underestimated the freedom and liberation of working with clean code when I left Frontpage. But now I know what everyone was talking about. In DW, you don't get this monstrous amount of proprietary code that Frontpage spits out on almost every page.


                        You've got the flexibility in DW to work with the code without drowning in code you know nothing about.


                        Now, not only am I deeply settled into DW,  I also with the help of DW templates have converted almost all of my site into CSS without any tables.


                        I have only one (1) table on my site, which is a DW generated web gallery table for one page.  (In case you want to peek: frankbright.com  )


                        Good Luck and Happy Learning,

                        Frank B.