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    [JOB] Flex/Flash Developer, Wikinvest.com, Well-funded Investing Startup (San Francisco, CA)

      Imagine there was something like Wikipedia, but focused on helping people understand how to invest. We've taken a big step in the right direction but need more amazing people to help us turn the vision into reality. Check us out: there are articles about all kinds of companies and also interesting concepts, trends, and investing ideas like the iPhone, Renewable Energy, Mobile phone usage in China, The Hurricane Season, and The Impact of Internet Advertising.


      Excited about the vision? Want to get involved?

      We've got some amazing opportunities for innovation for superstar Flash/Flex developers. If you are an actionscript 2/3 expert and like to build interactive web applications, we're working on some pretty cool stuff.

      Play around with Wikinvest, and if you've got some good ideas for ways to improve our RIAs, we'd love to hear from you.
      You have years of experience in :

      * Flash/Flex, and building consumer oriented interactive web applications
      * AJAX experience, particularly as it relates interaction and integration with Flash a big plus
      * Building technology at the crossroads of back-end functionality and front-end design
      * User experience and interaction design

      You are also someone who:

      * Is scary smart and someone we can trust will find the right answers to hard problems you may have never solved before
      * Is technically brilliant, versatile, and creative
      * Your teammates love working with
      * Will passionately devote yourself to building something that helps people invest, and have fun in the process
      * Has valuable experience designing consumer web applications with performance, scalability, stability, and security in mind

      You will:

      * Play a key role in the creation of the user-facing components of Wikinvest
      * Start with ideas, design products and features, architect a technical solution, then build, test, and launch it
      * Be an integral member of our team and help shape our future
      * Help build and grow the team

      We will:

      * Be a group of the smartest, most trustworthy, passionate, and interesting people you know
      * Make sure you have what you need to be happy and productive
      * Compensate you with an exciting mixture of cash and equity
      * Make great teammates united around a vision of how to solve some meaningful problems for people

      Interested candidates should send your resume to jobs@wikinvest.com. Please also include in your email a summary what you're been up to for the past few years that makes you the right person for our team as well as a list of ideas you have for how to improve our site.

      This position is based atop one of the sunniest peaks of San Francisco.