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    Why does an unpackaged HQX file open up other flash apps in the background?

    Mel Wood Level 1

      Hi Guys I've got a weird thing happening on Mac's with most of our Flash software!


      Basically a flash Application file unpackaged from a HQX file, opens up other non-related flash apps in the background as well as opening itself up.


      You can imagine why this would be a problem and looks highly unprofessional at the same time.


      I just can't figure it out: is it something to do with applications folder and how that works or maybe it's to do with how the flash player reads in all your bits an pieces in it's levels?


      Another thing that has recently started happening is that static text boxes aren't showing up the text in the initial flash app file, but once a swf file is loaded into it, then it's fine and the text is visible.


      I don't understand why it's doing this with static text boxes, it's never done this to me before. Is it a bug in the new flash player itself? I know from various other places, that Flash CS4 is having issues with text and how it displays it.


      I already know about dynamic text and making shared font libries for your non-system fonts, as we use them as a matter of standard, but I can't say I've ever had a problem with static text before. Not in the 6 years I've been working with Flash.


      Anyone have a clue for either of these oddities?!


      Many thanks for people's replies in advance, Mel.