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    New Adobe Flash problems


      I am running Windows 7 and have been trying to install the latest version of adobe flash.  10.45.2 (or something along those lines).


      It says that the download was complete, and I have restarted my computer many times.  It appears to be working in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer.  Help?  Thanks.

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, the first thing that I would check is to see if Shockwave Flash Object in all add ons is listed with Flash10e.ocx and it is Enabled. The previous FP version being was listed as Flash10d.ocx, so I am assuming it will now be with the "e".





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            pwillener Level 8

            Confirmed: Flash10e.ocx

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Thanks Bob!






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                Prefonbain Level 1

                After going to Tools -> manage add-ons and seeing all available add-ons I could not locate the file.


                Any idea how I can get it there?

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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi, since you are using IE8, perhaps "View & Manage your Internet Explorer add-ons" there is a "All add ons" with a drop

                  down arrow, check that. Also a Toolbars & Extension section. In this area there should be the Java listings, Adobe, etc.







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                    Prefonbain Level 1

                    Yea, that's where I've been at.  However, I can't find Flash 10 anywhere to enable it.  Any idea how I can go about finding it as an option and listed there?

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                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                      Oh, ok. Did you use the Adobe Uninstaller first before you tried to Install the new version? And did you use the Adobe site to Install?  Or did you get a prompt from Adobe while online?


                      Do you know how to find the Flash folder that contains the Flash files? If not, I can give you instructions. Perhaps we need to see if FP is installed completely. If a clean Uninstall was not done, then you might have some old version still there.


                      We need to see what files are in the Flash folder and then what ActiveX is or isn't in IE add ons and the same for the plug-in for FF.


                      Also Click on Start>Control Panel. When that opens, look for Programs and Features, and see if Adobe Flash Player 10

                      ActiveX is listed. While you are there you might as well post back the Java listings as well with version info. Sometimes

                      Java needs updated.





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                        Prefonbain Level 1

                        Ok... working backwards through your message.


                        First in control panel and Programs/Features Adobe Flash 10 plugin and ActiveX are there.  I also have Java 6 Update 17.


                        I uninstalled and reinstalled the Adobe Flash 10 through the Adobe website with no results still.  No where in the add-ons still.


                        I don't know anything about the flash folder.


                        Thanks for all this help already.

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                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                          Hi, here are the directions to locate the Flash folder: Click on Start, click on Computer, right click on Local Disk(C:), look for and right click on the Windows folder and open, look for a large folder Systems32, right click on it and open, look for

                          Macromed folder, right click on it and open. You should now see a Flash folder. Right click on it and open. Post back every

                          file that is listed there.


                          The latest Java update is 18, but that can wait since we want to take care of the Flash Player issue first. Updating to Java 18 is not going to help if Flash Player is not installed and working properly.


                          By the way, were you aware that since you are using IE and FF that Flash Player is installed separately? Only one Uninstall is needed to remove the old version of FP though. Don' t attempt to do this now if you hadn't previously done so.


                          Wait until we see what is in the Flash Folder. Many users have had success using the stand alone FP installers.





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                            Prefonbain Level 1

                            Files in the flash folder:











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                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                              Hi, the Flash10d.ocx did not get removed during the Uninstall. This is the version and needs removed. You can

                              try to go back to the Flash folder and right click on it and see if you can remove it manually. When you right click on it,

                              a small window should open and say remove or delete. Do that and reboot if you can. IE8 is more restrictive, so you may

                              not be able to. Worth a try though.


                              If that cannot be done, another Uninstall needs to be done. The rest of the files in the Flash folder are correct.


                              I think what happened in the Uninstall with IE, is that in the instructions per the Adobe Uninstall, at the bottom there is a

                              final NOTE. That could have been overlooked on your part. I am not saying it was, just that it might have been.


                              In the Programs and Features, is there a listing for DLM (download manager) or getPlus? Was the DLM used during your

                              first attempt to Install the latest version of FP(


                              If you have to Uninstall again, then let's use the offline method I mentioned in my prior post.




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                                Prefonbain Level 1

                                I was able to delete the "d" flash player.  I then went and reinstalled the latest Flash, but still no success.


                                I do not see DLM nor getPlus in the programs and features page

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                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                  Hi, ok. Recheck your Flash folder now, if everything is listed prior to deleting the Flash10d.ocx and the Flash10d.ocx is NOT there after rebooting, that is all I need to know. You don't have to list the files again unless they are different minus

                                  the Flash10d.ocx.


                                  Also check your add ons again, is SWObject there?


                                  I really wanted you to use the offline Install rather than the one you used.


                                  Let me know the above and then we will proceed.





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                                    Prefonbain Level 1

                                    No more Flash10d.ocx file, and the "e" one is still there.


                                    I did not locate any SWObject file

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                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                      Ok, thanks. Here is what I would do at this point. Following is the offline Flash Player Installer for IE:




                                      Download this and SAVE it to your Desktop.  Close all Browsers, any and all Flash programs that use Flash, check the system tray. Now this includes any Anti-Virus/Spyware programs and Firewalls that use Flash. So the best way is to make sure you know how to Disable these prior to running the Installer.


                                      1. Using IE, go to Tools>Internet Options and click on the Security Tab, make sure the Internet Zone is set to Medium

                                      2. Download the Installer to your Desktop

                                      3. Close all browsers

                                      4. Disconnect from the Internet

                                      5. Disable any Anti-Virus/Spyare( all components that use Flash)

                                      6. Disable any Firewall other than Windows Firewall

                                      7. Run the Installer from your Desktop (You only want to be looking at your Desktop at this stage)

                                      8. When finished, Reboot Once

                                      9. Re-enabled your Firewall and Anti-Virus programs

                                      10. RE-connect back to the Internet


                                      Go to this Adobe Test site to confirm: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about


                                      Go to your add ons(IE) and confirm that Shockwave Flash Object....ActiveX Control .....Flash10e.ocx is installed and it is


                                      Also go to the Flash folder and post back all files now listed.

                                      If you have any questions please ask.



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                                        Prefonbain Level 1

                                        Completed those steps... but where do I confirm on that site?


                                        The folder still looks right, but I still cannot locate the files in the add-on and therefore it is still not working in IE

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                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                          Hi,   Since you still can't find the Shockwave Flash Object in the add ons, something is blocking the installation of ActiveX.

                                          Until the Shockwave Flash Object, ActiveX Control is installed in your add ons, Flash Player will not work. Flash Player is a Browser add on and SFO is part of it. Did you check your plug-ins for FF? Is the SWF plug-in for installed?


                                          What Anti-Virus/Spyware is being used and what third party Firewall, if any? Is the Firewall separate or included with your Anti-Virus program?


                                          Are you using any third party toolbars? If so, which ones?


                                          Did you set your security to Medium in Internet Options for the Internet zone?


                                          When you went to the Adobe test site, there is nothing you do, Adobe confirms you have Flash Player installed and shows you the version on this page that opens. What happened when  opened that page?


                                          A lot of questions, I know, but I need the answers to try to determine what is blocking the ActiveX.